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If your company has a worthwhile cause, we can bring that cause to life. 
Customized solutions in branding, app development, web services, marketing, analytics, and more. 
Unify Interactive.
The Cause: To revitalize downtown by connecting people with its recreational and business activities.

Our Solution: A “go-to” app for what’s going on downtown.
Provides residents with coupons for local shops and news about town events. Also provides tools and push notifications to help businesses and township administrators reach audiences that spend most of their time on their phones.
The Cause: To revamp the messages of organizations and businesses.

Our Solution: More impactful web solutions and brand identities.
Our marketing messaging, advertising campaigns, websites, videos and print materials uplift your image, get your message noticed — and with better resources to raise funds —get the results you want.
The Cause: Education, energy and other important issues that are on peoples’ minds today.

Our Solution: Streamlined web applications for better performance
and user involvement.
Our web applications deliver a better story, save time and money, and helps users more easily access information.
The Cause: To share your message in a way that gets results.
Our Solution: A unique marketing approach
Our marketing programs (for local committees, non-profits, businesses and organizations) help keep everyone involved and invested in the outcome. We only work with those that have a message we believe we can support. And since we create unique solutions where we only get paid on the results we deliver, we’re just as keen as you are about achieving results.
Let us inspire the world with your story.
Unify Interactive lives and breathes the idea of making a difference. As a cause-driven company, we promise to make your reason-for-being the driving force that sets your business or organization apart. 

We invite you to become a vital part of a market that’s dedicated to making a difference. To be more dynamic, motivating, successful. Get results. Inspire loyalty. And change the world for the better. Unify Interactive can help you achieve it all.
"Unify has helped us create a meaningful and engaging platform to communicate our message which is a difficult concept to convey: collective impact. We are a local United Way with specific global branding requirements, but also a lot of flexibility in how we want to create local messaging and tools unique to our community. Unify helped us navigate this incredibly well, and we feel the final product is absolutely stellar. A full new website, clear and enticing messaging, a set of tools to engage our community, and an easy way to regularly update everything by ourselves, despite us being a very small team. Highly recommend working with Unify Interactive."
Michael Albert, United way of monroe county
"Unify Interactive’s team is an energetic and creative group. They go above and beyond to meet our needs. I can’t say enough about their professionalism and execution on visual branding, design, development process, and marketing support. We look forward to our continued relationship with Unify."
Sean dunn, Maru/matchbox
"When we engaged Unify Interactive, we knew from the start that they would go above and beyond our expectation. Through brainstorming sessions, it was clear that Unify's desire to tell our story required thorough understanding of our "why". Why do we do what we do? Together, we developed mission, vision and belief statements that accurately convey our passion, our purpose. This experience was a ton of fun!"
Michael Tukeva, Pocono alliance
Recently awarded projects
 We have been awarded the opportunity to give Strauser, a leading local landscaping change-maker, a brand refresh, from messaging to photography, videography and more.
 This week we have been awarded a new design project for Wyndham.
We have been awarded new exciting projects. Active directory integrations, deep search,  school wide calendar integrations and more. 
Nepa Consumer Science brings to bear the true potential of data science to unleash consumer research’s full power. We are working with them to design an exciting new visual web presence for their US market.
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